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Shield & Sword

...trapped between scylla and charybdis...

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Feb 7 '12

[Original Poetry] Breathe




It’s the nights
that make the days so hard

It’s the emptiness
that fills you up

It’s the footsteps
you never leave behind

It’s the shadow
walking beside you

It’s the light
that fails to show you the way


It’s your heart
beating out of your chest
that you hear
(you can’t breathe)

It’s your lies
when you say you’re fine
that hurt
(when you take a breath)

It’s your eyes
when you see the world around you
and you have to hide your tears
(it hurts to breathe)

Jasmine Holmes


Feb 7 '12

[Original Poetry/Prose] Stand



I walk to my own beat. My steps echoing the sound of a hundred thousand drums. Every breath, every heartbeat is another step forward.

I have seen myself reflected in a million different eyes. Strangers. Friends. Enemies. Allies.

Human. One and all.

And so, I am fierce, because I know fear. I am shy, because I have witnessed the fury in men’s hearts. I love, because I know I am loved, and I cry, for those with no tears left to shed.

I stand, on my own two feet, because I have been knocked down. Beaten. Abused. I have fallen to my knees and been forced to crawl with my belly to the floor. Yet still, I have never given up. I have pulled myself up with arms weak with pain and fatigue.

I stand, because strength is not found in never having faltered, never having fallen. It is found in never staying down.

This is what life has taught me.

This is what I shall teach others.

So we stand.

Jasmine Holmes


Feb 7 '12

[Original Poetry] Bag of Holding


Bag of Holding

I pack my bag and place inside
an autumn wreath of dreams
I place beside and to one side
a blade of tarnished light
I wrap a thought in linen cloth
and tuck it underneath
I pluck a star from in my eyes
and zip it out of sight
I take a step and strap it to
the buckled clasp outside
I sling my bag across my chest
tied to my heart with string
A heavier bag I have not held
since hope was lost within

Jasmine Holmes